Thursday, November 8, 2007

Diwali Dynamics 2

This is about the life-changing move. I'm quitting my job. And I don't have a job to fall back on right away. Am toying with the idea of taking a three-month break. But three months seems like a rather long time. It is a quarter of a year after all. 25 percent.

I was scared that I would chicken out when the Boss called. But the words were on the tip of my tongue. After exchanging a few words about the last project that I sent him 12 hours late (I was feeling frustrated, rebellious, and for the first time in two-and-a-half years did not take a call from the office.), and how he gave me my first chastisement (the word was used by the Boss) in two-and-a-half years, I figured it was time to drop the bomb. But the Boss talks fast. I talk slow.
So he cut in first: Happy Diwali
Me: Happy Diwali Sir. [pause before blurting out] I'm planning to quit.
Boss: [shock reverberating in his voice] Whaaa?

There was more after that. The Boss gaily refused to finalize my quitting decision. He said we would talk about it on Monday. I bet he is planning to tempt me with some difficult-to-refuse offer -- more cash, better projects, more flexibility. But I have had enough this time.

I'm tired of writing dumbass unresearched articles that don't have my byline and which people won't even read. Ever.
I'm tired of having to type out 500-word articles in less than 25 minutes.
I'm tired of constantly racing against time for no fault of my own.
I'm tired of not being able to produce brilliant quality because I don't have the luxury of time.
I'm tired of not feeling like I've done a fun project.
It has been months since I completed a project that I really enjoyed.
This post perfectly sums up how I have been feeling since Monday.
Guess the quitting has been coming for a long time.

But it felt a lot more life-changing this morning. And here are the reactions of some of the people I spoke to about my decision:
  • Ma thinks I should do nothing for three months and behave like a spoilt rich brat.
  • Moolah agrees with Ma.
  • My best friend thinks I've gone mad.
  • Madz thinks this is the best choice that I have ever made. (She does not like my Boss)
  • Baba is being supportive and did not use his frown-face when I told him about my decision.
  • My boyfriend did not say anything incriminating. He nodded into the phone.
But I haven't told Baba about the new boyfriend yet. Hopefully, someone else in the family will tell him. The new boyfriend has a very clean room for a guy. I'm not sure if he was trying to impress me or if he really is clean. He is sweet though, and very funny and intelligent. Incidentally, now that all is official, the posts on 6th August and 21st October were about him. It is long distance, but it isn't too horrible just yet. But then, we haven't even completed a month of dating. He doesn't usually read my blog, so I don't mind blabbering on about him here. If he did read this paragraph of this post, however, I would blush beetroot red. As long as he doesn't know, it's cool.

This Bong New Year I had sworn to remain single for the rest of the year. Obviously, it didn't work out, and I couldn't be happier. :D

Oh, and I'm currently only 1 kilogram underweight. Hopefully, I'll stay this way, and not start tilting over to the overweight side. But I still keep referring to myself as a reed-thin girl which I am not any more. Years of habit of being called a coconut tree by everyone you see.

A weird-looking cockroach was roaming around the floor just now. It had very long legs and seemed to be walking on stilts. It could have been a circus performer entertaining the Diwali insects that have been biting like nobody's business. But I think the show is over, for Mr. Roach is nowhere to be seen.

I thought I heard thunder in the sky a while ago. Was expecting rain. But I guess it was just some Diwali firecrackers. This has been a long, emotional-upheaval-filled day. I think I should go grab some shut-eye.


madhurima said...

(u already know, but this is for the benefit of everyone else)
this is the BEST darn decision u ever took....the 3 month break is a close 2nd! really show ur boss the finger n walk out! he even made u work while u were supposed to b vacationing wit ME in pune!!
n abt the bf...wat can i say! keep (read marry) him :P

Dyaus said...

First of all

:) Happy Deepawali :)

Quitting a job is hard decision. It took me 1 month to convince myself, and 3 more months to convince my parents. Until last year, my friends and relatives would not agree with that and pestered me with their free advices. But now I have proved them what I can do. You know money stops talking people and it happened so. Your decision is yours and nobody can alter it. So be positive. :)

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

he used the word....chastisement????!!
and boyfriend....bitching about him are u??..:-P hmmmmmm!!??!!

shutter bug said...


sheesh.......finger the boss....the past posts.....and ppl say i use too many "dots.."

ei 3months korbi ki?!

dreamy said...

"It could have been a circus performer entertaining the Diwali insects that have been biting like nobody's business." =))

lovely post!!

and @ coffee...heehee for the "too many dots!!"

Poojo C. said...

@ madhurima
So nice to get your approval finally. And shh.. don't talk marriage-shiarrage on a public forum. The bf doesnt read my blogs often, but there are exceptional circumstances y'know. I dont want him running away just yet. Watch that keyboard!

@ dyaus
Happy Dipawali to you too :) And loadza thanks for the pep talk. Really really.

@ moolah
Yes. He used the word "chastisement". And No. I haven't bitched about the boyfriend. Not yet at least.

@ coffee/shutterbug
3 months. Will write. Apply to publishing houses. See what comes up. And that post did have hundreds of dots.

@ dreamy
Thankee dear. That line did not seem as cool till you put it in quotes. Made my evening. :D

Aphrodite said...

ohoi..nice post girlie...iso totally understand what u meant abt the feeling u get whn thrs no job in ur shoes...